My knowledge for your success

"He has SUCCESS who does the ordinary with unusual enthusiasm"


Entrepreneur, keynote speaker, consultant, mentor, manager, networker

Founder & President of the Board of Directors - INSPIREness® Group AG

Variable conditions

Regardless of whether you are looking for a genuine partner as a co-owner or want to award a mandate for a specific project, we will design the framework conditions together and individually to best suit your objectives.

In the interests of the company

We can only work together if I can fully identify with your goals. This is the only way to implement an assignment with 100% commitment and passion as a team. This is how we make "success happen" together.


Sustainable networking

As part of our collaboration, I am happy to make my diverse and extensive network available to you - whether long-term partnerships or short-term collaborations. 

"Love to act and let others do the talking" - Baltasar

Benefit from my many years of experience in a wide range of industries - from crypto, finance, health & wellness to the food industry. 

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Both as a participant and as a speaker, I have experienced a wide variety of approaches over the years. For me, the focus is always on a lively presentation, regardless of the topic or medium. 


As a self-employed entrepreneur, I am very much aware of the components and challenges involved in setting up a company. Every company is different and should therefore never be advised using a standard approach. 


As a manager and business strategist, I always work as an all-rounder. I always take a holistic look at your business in order to develop a suitable strategy together with you. 


#backtotheoffice Today it's time for me to head to our Swiss office again. Even in gloomy weather, this bright red just puts me in a good mood! #swissoffice #officelife
" The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get"- Thomas Jefferson #RudolfEngelsberger #Luck #BusinessQuote
Another great and inspiring couple of days with @donnadivinaofficial & @asva_nara ! #BusinessTravel #StayTuned #RudolfEngelsberger
Another day at the office! How do you start the day successfully? #RudolfEngelsberger #match4business #match4capital
Mother Definition: One person doing the work of 20 people - for freeDear mothers, we thank you for your work every day, your listening ear and all the good advice we have received from you over the years. We wish you a happy Mother's Day and hope you know that every day should be Mother's Day #Mother's Day #RudolfEngelsberger #Mothers
"Either we find a way or we create one." - Hannibal #RudolfEngelsberger #Compass #Business
New business cards arrived in our office last week. It almost feels like the first day of school with a school bag! #RudolfEngelsberger #match4business #match4capital
The three most important things to achieve anything worthwhile are: Hard work, perseverance and common sense. - Thomas Alva Edison #BusinessQuote #Perseverance #HardWork



match4capital combines the interests of investors and entrepreneurs. 


Why I always have to stand by the products and companies I support.

Keynote Speaker 

Why does it make sense to hire a keynote speaker for a corporate event? 


Please feel free to contact me using the contact form below. I usually answer all contact requests very promptly. 

I support companies in every phase of their development, whether it's development, growth or even crisis management. 

This depends entirely on your requirements. We always design the project together. Regardless of whether it is a workshop, a seminar or long-term strategic support. 

Interesting projects always appeal to me, regardless of whether I want to get involved myself or can network with interested partners. Feel free to contact me to discuss possible common goals. 

Absolutely not. The initial exploration of an order is always free of charge for you and does not involve any hidden requests for payment. If we then agree on an order situation, a project agreement or similar is always drawn up beforehand in order to ensure a positive collaboration for both parties. 


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Rudolf Engelsberger

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